Infracommerce intends to grow sustainably considering environmental, social, governance and economic (ESG) impacts. That’s because we understand our ability to generate and share value for society. We are born to generate scale and opportunities for brands to succeed in the digital world and thus generate positive and transformative impact on society, driving innovative and more efficient solutions and a better experience at every stage of the shopping journey.

We adhere as an expression of our commitment to esg best practices, to the UN Global Compact in Brazil, the initiative of the United Nations (UN), the largest corporate sustainability in the world.

We are certified by Great Place to Work as one of the best companies to work for and we work to ensure that Infracommerce’s organizational structure mirrors the demographics of society, customers and consumers, ensuring an inclusive culture and a diverse and representative environment. Women are 55% of our staff. We received the Women on board (WOB) label, which aims to recognize, value and disseminate corporate environments with the presence of women on boards of directors or advisors. Today in the company are 28.57% of the seven management chairs occupied by women.

In our Code of Ethics and Conduct we formalize the guidelines and standards of behavior that guide our commitment to ethics and integrity and ensure our constant, solid and sustainable growth.

We will follow the path of growth and integration of ESG agendas to our business as a pillar of our strategy and corporate positioning.