Shareholder Structure

The Company’s capital stock consists of 242,999,491 common shares.

Shareholder Common Shares %
Engadin Investments 29,315,634 12.1%
Flybridge 27,630,536 11.4%
Transcosmos 23,642,101 9.7%
IGVentures 21,191,337 8.7%
Arrow Street 13,499,807 5.6%
E.Bricks 12,516,966 5.2%
Kai Philipp Schoppen 11,785,383 4.8%
Archery Global 7,231,813 3.0%
Others 96,185,914 39.6%
Total 242,999,491 100.00%

This information is available in more detail in item 15 of the Company’s Reference Form.

It is the responsibility of any natural or legal person, or group of people, acting together or representing the same interest that may acquire or dispose of a relevant 5% (five percent) interest in the capital stock of a publicly-held company, the communication to the Company about the change in their participation, in accordance with current legislation.