Infracommerce is concerned with the sustainable development of its business. Our way values ​​respect for people and the environment, in order to contribute to an engaged, just and prosperous society.

In addition, we support several institutions in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, and lead initiatives with an impact on the community, such as pro-bono development of a website for CUFA (Central Única das Favelas), which served as a digital channel for collecting donations; we donate food and hygiene materials; and we transport masks free of charge or with reduced logistics costs. Internally, we promote actions such as hiring doctors and nursing technicians for Embu das Artes employees, we improve the accredited network offered by the health plan, we provide masks and alcohol gel, we make it easy for each employee in the home office to equip their workplace through subsidized purchase or equipment loan, we contract online service for psychological support and physical activity.